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Probate Law Attorney in Victorville, CA

After a loved one passes away, their estate might need to go through the probate process. If you need help understanding probate law, Caldwell, Kennedy & Porter is here to help. Speak to us today about your specific probate situation in Victorville, CA.

How Does Probate Help You?

While probate is not always viewed in the most positive light, it also carries specific benefits. Probate is beneficial because:

  • It ensures fair inheritance: A probate court looks over the will of a deceased person to verify its authenticity. This ensures that no will made under duress or by a person of unsound mind is lawful.
  • It evaluates all assets in the will: Probate authenticates all assets that a person mentions and distributes in a will. This can include bank accounts, property, or heirlooms. This ensures that all assets in the will are accounted for to protect against fraud.
  • It mediates any will contests: If any person challenges a will, then a probate court can determine if that person’s claim is valid.
  • It determines if a will is sound: If any part of the will is ambiguous, out of date, or conflicting, then a probate court can determine the best course of action.
  • It alerts all necessary people: Everything with a claim to the estate gets a notification. That way, everyone is aware of the process, which allows for transparency.

With probate, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the will is fair and lawful.

How Can We Help?

Whether you aren’t sure what probate will entail, you have concerns about a will, or you need legal assistance during the probate process, a probate law attorney is here to help. We offer years of experience and understanding so that you can have a legal advocate by your side during this emotional time.

Please call us at (760) 245-1637 for your free consultation today.


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