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Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Victorville, CA

When you need a personal injury attorney in Victorville, CA, you don’t need to look further than Caldwell, Kennedy & Porter. We have been practicing since 1986, and we provide personalized, professional, and organized legal counsel for a variety of types of personal injury cases. We’re here to help.

Case Types

We can be your personal injury lawyer for several different types of cases, including:

  • Auto accident cases
  • Motorcycle accident cases
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Dog bite cases

If you’re not sure what type of case you have or want to know whether we can take your case, contact us for a consultation.

Professional Dedication

We are determined to advocate for our clients’ interests first. Usually that means we resolve cases through skilled negotiation, but we will go to trial for you if that is the best option.

Whether we’re dealing with settlements or court trials, we pride ourselves on being responsive, sensitive, and courteous. When you work with our firm, you get the benefit of discussing your case with a personal injury attorney rather than a paralegal or an office administrator.

Detailed Advice

Throughout your case, we’ll present you with clear cost-benefit analyses of your situations so that you can make the decisions that will benefit you most in the long term.

But that doesn’t mean we just say a lot of legal terms you won’t remember later: we speak simply and clearly so you can make educated decisions. We’ll also respond to your questions and concerns promptly and directly.

Cohesive Teamwork

Behind our expert lawyers lies a team of office professionals busy supporting our firm with state-of-the-art practices. That means that in addition to clear explanations, you’ll get organized services and detailed billing statements. You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.

All of this together means that we will handle both your case itself and the business matters behind your case with finesse. With our organization, you will be taken thoroughly taken care of.

Hire Caldwell, Kennedy & Porter to be your personal injury attorney. Call us today at (760) 245-1637 to set up a consultation.


The various members of this firm are all experienced trial attorneys in State and Federal courtrooms, as well as judicial arbitrations and administrative hearings before state boards.